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Fortrea | Principal Data Visualization Analyst | Happy Valley, OR | Apr 2023 - Jan 2024
Leveraged business intelligence experience and solutions engineering to drive internal analytics initiatives across clinical development and commercialization services organization. Supported cross-departmental collaboration to design data pipelines and reporting solutions, enhancing business operation efficiency, and playing a crucial role in the successful spin off of Fortrea’s independent digital systems from Labcorp.
• Supported clinical operations transformation initiative by designing a comprehensive data solution with Microsoft Power Query & Power BI, to identify inefficiencies in clinical operations task management, which facilitated the strategic reallocation of 60 full-time equivalents to centralized roles, and improved study budgets and revenue.
• Leveraged Power BI to visualize data from risk assessment data across clinical sites, enhancing the Global Project Leadership Team's ability to manage project portfolio risk during the country-level transitions in the course of the spin-off from Labcorp.
• Collaborated with financial analysts to design two Power BI dashboards to transform monthly clinical profitability and headcount reporting saving the equivalent of 0.5 FTE monthly and elevating profitability insights with new visualization capabilities.
• Collaborated with clinical operations & risk management leaders to design a Power BI dashboard to track clinical study milestone completion, providing tailored portfolio operations risk oversight to leadership and enabling new risk management capabilities.
ExxonMobil | Product Lead | Spring, TX | Feb 2022 - Jan 2023
Sustained the application & database that produces data publications used as ExxonMobil’s basis for project cost estimation globally. Collaborated amongst engineering analysts, application developers, and project leadership to maintain and expand project, cost & schedule, technology capabilities. Provided technical work direction in areas of project estimation, BI development, and data analysis.
• Led data centralization development with Azure to capture $1.4B of detailed project cost estimates across 7 countries and 13 sites. Used PowerBi to join schedule estimates and forecast capital spend to enable global procurement bundling strategy. Drove workflow standardization alignment across global project services teams and developed data stewardship tools for sustainment of data availability and insight.
• Designed and implemented a new work management system with Smartsheets across 3 teams of 20 engineers and analysts to align individual developments to application roadmap and strategy. Used this tool to prioritize feature implementations with software developer teams and review application enhancements work readiness.
• Vetted data suppliers and initiated purchase of external subscription to labor salary intelligence. Mapped data to EMTEC’s proprietary engineering and construction estimation models to strengthen analysis quality by increasing available data points by 30% on an ongoing basis.
• Used Power BI, Tableau, SQL (SSMS), and Excel to consolidate over 80 project cost business intelligence resources to a suite of 16 dashboards reducing biannual BI product update times by 30% while streamlining resources for customers globally.
ExxonMobil | Cost Engineer | Spring, TX | Apr 2021 - Feb 2022
Estimated cost for major capital projects, identified and mitigated risks, and develop strategic techniques to achieve industry cost competitiveness. Supported standardization of estimating procedures, data modeling, and business reporting.
• Modeled a $440 M cost estimate for the Strathcona Hydrogenated Renewable Diesel Project (SHRED) G2. Collaborated with project design & execution teams to identify and mitigate risk while achieving a competitive estimate. Designed a project estimate Power BI dashboard to handover for controlling the project cost in execution.
• Served as division’s central point of contact for business intelligence and analytics resources. Advised 5 project ventures on BI application and supported solutions for 10 BI product developments. Managed group’s Power BI report server and developed product resource structure.
• Developed excel-based tools for modeling a $450 M estimate for the Mont Belvieu to Beaumont connector pipeline. Collaborated with project execution teams to identify cost savings opportunities and supported handover of project controls data for enabling cost estimation of upcoming low carbon solutions projects.
• Facilitated workshops between business experts across 5 functional project management disciplines and parallel IT services to develop an integrated current and future state architecture. Interfaced workshop teams to establish a Cost & Schedule Engineering product roadmap.
• Executed data management pilot with consultants from Deloitte to design a concept data service model capable of integrating data from engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contractors across the portfolio into ExxonMobil’s project management systems.
ExxonMobil | Operations Engineer (Rotation) | Spring, TX | Oct 2020 - Mar 2021
Supported construction, commissioning, and operations activities at the ‘Cowboy’ Central Delivery Point facility in the Delaware Basin during a rotational assignment. Gained field exposure to well work, completions, and unconventional drilling.
• Designed a Spotfire-based dashboard to leverage the facility’s production volumes and operating cost and provide operations management live KPIs for real-time decision making and supply chain management.
• Managed contractors daily work activities to complete verification of 1059 instrument & line tags. Designed an Excel-based work tracker to collaborate across staggered team schedules and coordinate documentation for operations handover.
• Facilitated Root Cause Failure Analysis of 10 weather-impacted, leaking valves to mitigate initial operation impacts and install replacements.
• Planned activities for site turnaround and actively verified equipment fail states during site shutdown.
ExxonMobil | Market Analyst Intern | Spring, TX | May 2019 - Aug 2019
• Designed a Power BI-based dashboard that leverages market data (labor, materials, engineering and economic factors) to create a platform for analysis of historical market insights and providing Global Projects analytic capabilities previously unavailable.
• Designed a Tableau-based dashboard to automate visualization of global labor demand insights enabling Global Projects to navigate future labor-related project risk for all listed market locations where previously infeasible due to high cost of analytics.
• Led 2 workshops to teach analysts and project planners to use Power BI and Tableau to automate data modeling and visualization workflows.
Voalte | Product Analyst Intern | Sarasota, FL | Jan 2019 - Apr 2019
• Converted Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey and analysis system from a quarterly analysis to a live, autonomous system that surveys users within Voalte's app interface. Created Machine Learning model with MonkeyLearn to classify NPS comments into actionable insights and designed data pipeline with Intercom, Wootric, Segment, and Amazon Redshift to feed into an internal Tableau dashboard saving 44+ engineering hours/year and providing $14,688/year of equivalent service value.
• Optimized a Tableau-based, reporting product’s extract refresh schedule by using operations research models to reduce average refresh times by 50%, increase resource utilization by 15%, and reduce Redshift costs by $29,400/year.
• Improved content discoverability in a customer-facing knowledge base by leveraging content search optimization and machine learning to reduce the number of one touch support tickets by 10% and reduce service costs of $142,200/year.
• Redesigned ticket resolution workflows with batching techniques to reduce 50 hours/year in System Engineer resolution time.
• Designed Area Sales Manager & Account Coordinator sales reports with a sustainable, live Tableau-based dashboard using data from Salesforce to provide real time key performance indicators.
TE Conectivity | Quality Engineer Intern | Winston-Salem, NC | May 2018 - Aug 2018
Within Industrial Commercial Transportation (ICT), designed a live, Power BI-based KPI report of quality metrics that now serve as quality management’s main data interfacing tool. Designed an event to develop TE’s supplier base on quality systems to increase continuity of TE’s processes and mitigate quality impacts. Analyzed flaws in a new product development process and held stakeholder meetings to push relevant issues into a coworker’s Kaizen event.
• Consolidated 6+ independent data streams into an autonomous, live Power BI-based KPI dashboard that serves as 12 Quality Managers and 20+ Quality Engineers’ main KPI tool and saved, on average, 2.5 working hours per employee a week. Increased data continuity and accuracy by finding 4 major data discontinuities within 1.5 months of development and improved managers’ ability to track repeated quality impacts with a projected improvement in PPM goals of 20%.
• Integrated quality data on 300+ suppliers with Power BI to target highest impact suppliers and designed the structure for a boot camp event by collaborating with our global supply chain, procurement, and quality teams to execute the event in fall 2018.
• Condensed 6+ independent data feeds into an autonomous, live Power BI-based KPI dashboard that serves as 12 Quality Managers and 20+ Quality Engineers’ main quality data interfacing tool and saved, on average, 2.5 working hours per employee a week.
• Increased continuity and accuracy among data and found 4 major data discontinuities within 1.5 months of development related to shipments, complaints, and plant’s performance metrics and improved managers’ ability to track repeated quality impacts with a projected improvement in PPM goals of 20%.
• Made presentations and trained 12 Quality Managers around the globe and designed a two week, accelerated training schedule to ensure the transition and sustainability of the dashboard.
PLAY HARD FLORIDA | Database Manager | Gainesville, FL | Jun 2017 - Dec 2017
Maintained the company data that translated to the website’s content management system of FL adventures and accumulated a database of 800+ companies across FL. Met with supervisor bi-weekly to collaborate on business development opportunities.
• Implemented a Google Sheet-based data management system that enabled easy accessibility for remote and simultaneous manipulation. Trained management to use the sheet for digital task assignment, reducing assignment communication by 30%.
• Researched existing revenue models and analyzed their compatibility and optimality conditions with GAMS. Presented results in a series of analysis reports defining conditions for operational models that were taken to development.
University of Florida, DOH | Graduate Hall Director | Gainesville, FL | Jul 2017 - May 2020
Managed 2 residence hall buildings hosting a community of 400+ residents. Supervised 9 undergraduate Resident Assistants through regular assignments and engagements to maintain community relations and quality of our resident experience. Responded to crisis situations, directed community wide events, held disciplinary conduct meetings, and developed collaborative teams.
• Responded to emergency crisis situations during on-call shifts covering an area consisting of 3,600+ residents. Calmly collaborated with UPD, GFD, and crisis intervention consultants to assist residents in crises.
• Designed a dorm check-out/closing procedure with a web-based tracking system reducing administrative task time by 50%. Made video tutorials to train 200+ employees and implemented the system to 8,000+ UF residents as the new standard process.
• Created a new Excel & Coda based employee responsibility systems that digitized job task tracking. Trained all team members on the new system and integrated it into the weekly team review process, reducing communication related to job tasks by 30% and increasing staff attendance at area wide programs by 25%.


University of Florida Warrington College of Business M.S. Management 3.9 GPA | Gainesville, FL | Aug 17’ – May 20’
University of Florida Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Industrial Systems Engineering 3.64 GPA, Magna Cum Laude | Gainesville, FL Aug 15’ – Dec 19’


Data visualization: Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Spotfire, JMP Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel, SmartSheet, Data transfer: Azure Data Factory, Wootric, Segment, Zapier, IFTTT Data storage: SQL (SSMS), Microsoft Azure, SAP Coding languages: Python, R, 3D Modeling: Navisworks, SolidWorks Simulation: Arena, GAMS


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